Welcome to KIVA Group

KIVA was founded in 1995 to sell, install and support customer service applications in the global financial services marketplace. Since that time, we have evolved our solutions to address the industry's need for a unified, multi-channel approach to transaction processing, sales and service, CRM and managing the Customer Experience.

Our RespectTM solutions will change the way you interact with your customers and members. Throughout the past 22 years of working with banks and credit unions worldwide, we have developed software that allows your entire organization to engage in highly personalized selling, servicing and building customer loyalty...across all touch points.

Through our distinctive multi-media backbone infrastructure – which is shared by all of our solutions – and our Respect enterprise service bus integration capability, we can enable your institution to break down data and channel systems silos once and for all. We integrate to leading core vendors then extend far beyond that by unifying all of the data sources, all business processes and all of the technology available. This gives you an unprecedented ability to consistently deliver an exceptional Customer Experience enterprise-wide based on relevant information and intelligent interactions.

We welcome the opportunity to show you the possibilities.


Mike Baker

Founder & President
KIVA Group, Inc.

The KIVA Promise

The KIVA Promise

From North America and Europe to Southeast Asia, our clients turn to us because they are motivated to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations with every interaction, through any delivery channel-and we deliver on what we promise.

Far from lip service, our conviction to do what we say we are going to do for our clients is a formal guarantee. Our experienced project team begins delivering on that promise by applying extensive banking domain experience to really understand your requirements and expectations. We then produce plans, configurations and schedules that specifically map to those goals-with your signoff at each phase and for each deliverable. And, we won't create a configuration or a schedule that we can't execute. That said, if we should slip in any way for any reason we will make things right-we will repair, replace or refund you, as appropriate, as mutually agreed.

Of course, this is all crucial to providing you with outstanding service, from concept and project planning to deployment, training and ongoing support, so that you can consistently do the same. We understand that service is your business, and you can't afford to be "down" when your customers and members need you.

KIVA Deployment Approach

Best Practical Performance®

Best Practical Performance® is the proven methodology by which we approach the deployment of all of our Respect unified software solutions. We fundamentally believe that only by engaging the user community through partnership, user participation, collaboration and communication can any new technology be successfully deployed and begin to add value to an organization.

All too frequently, banking technology vendors promise that their products provide a best practice solution. Yet all too infrequently are the organization's current day-to-day business realities taken into consideration—even when existing operations are displaced or disrupted while implementing these solutions.

Therefore, in distinct contrast, we collaborate closely with our customer institutions to blend their current, day-to-day organizational processes and procedures with our technology. It's this "blending" that provides the customer's organization with a deeper understanding of how the intended best practice solution truly fits into its current business operations and leads to user acceptance. This Best Practical Performance approach ultimately drives a successful deployment and seamless transition to the new technology.