Respect™ unified Communication Center – the next generation in credit union and bank call centers

RespectTM Communication Center is a highly flexible, multi-channel solution that provides the complete spectrum of call center capabilities you'd expect as well as an effective approach for achieving personalized member and customer service and driving sales.

RespectTM uCC is a blended solution, meaning that you can conduct inbound and outbound activities across multiple touch points simultaneously. RespectTM gives you the ability to not only meet, but exceed your member and customers' expectations of service with each interaction, regardless of the channel of choice (i.e. phone, web chat, email, social media). The solution maintains up-to-date and consistent member and customer information and interaction management.  While inbound service phone calls may take priority, agents can also be engaged in campaigns requiring outbound calling, email responses or web chat based upon their skills and availability. 

Built upon a single Microsoft.NET platform and utilizing VoIP, RespectTM Communication Center delivers several fully integrated applications that address a breadth of member and customer relationship management functions as well as centralized, real-time call center oversight and controls.

RespectTM uCC offers a best in class solution to improve the service and sales experience.

  • Customer and Member "Screen Pops"
  • Service Delivery & Contact Management
  • Referrals, Leads & Prospect Management
  • Intelligent Routing & Personalization Rules
  • Universal Workqueue
  • Single Dashboard for Sales & Service that Wraps Around Your Existing Applications