Multi-channel Marketing

Discouraged by traditional marketing approaches that are costly shots in the dark? Tired of waiting until month's end to learn whether your marketing initiatives are effective or not? Time is money, and also possibly a missed opportunity.

This RespectTM uSSM module gives you an unprecedented ability to reach your most crucial audience – existing customers – to increase wallet share, while also attracting new business. With the Multi-channel Marketing solution, you can consistently present highly personalized messages at the time customers and prospects interact with your institution via their channel of choice. The solution enables you to manage all promotions across all delivery channels so that if an offer is accepted or rejected via one channel, such as a mobile device, it will be automatically recorded as accepted or rejected on all others. You gain the ultimate flexibility in defining campaigns and setting rules, workflow and routing for the entire enterprise in one single system.

Marketing performance is tracked in real-time so that you can easily measure offer or campaign impact and immediately make adjustments, if necessary, to drive better results.