KIVA Respect™ Solutions

Are you striving to achieve consistency in your response to customers and the delivery of information across all retail delivery channels? Do you want the ability to seamlessly transition members in real-time from one channel to another to complete an application or speed resolution of an inquiry—without asking them for redundant information? Would you like to be able to present personalized offers and capture sales as part of the natural flow of service—whenever and wherever customers and members show up?

You aren't alone. Many institutions want to achieve these objectives but are suffering with the “silo effect.” The disparate technologies and systems institutions have put in place over the years to support their numerous customer touch points have created costly barriers to doing the very thing they intended to do—provide prompt, consistent and satisfying customer service. Such build-up of barriers creates unintended consequences and presents major hurdles to fostering relationships and managing the overall customer experience.

Unify, Unify, Unify

Our KIVA Respect™ multi-channel software eliminates data silos and bridges communications gaps across the enterprise while delivering robust functionality for automating and maximizing your service, sales and CRM activities. We enable you to bring the knowledge of the entire organization to each customer and member interaction by unifying your infrastructure at three critical levels—technology, applications and business processes.

We offer a CRM/CEM applications suite, a complete set of unified sales and service solutions and world-class teller, call center and IVR delivery channel software. All of our solutions are built upon a single Microsoft .NET platform, share the same multi-media backbone (which includes a common database and data model, enterprise workflow, intelligent routing, administrative controls, and more) and the ability to integrate with any/all data sources. Yes, any.

KIVA RespectTM is core independent and, therefore, we go where you go. We have well-established integrations with multiple core processing systems, such as CMC Flex, D+H Ultradata, Jack Henry Silverlake, Symitar Episys, FIS Horizon, FIS Systematics, Fiserv Summit, Fiserv XP2, Open Solutions, Inc. DNA, Temenos and more. We have also integrated with a multitude of third party data sources at our client sites, such as homegrown systems, online account opening, loan application and document management software and image storage solutions. KIVA RespectTM can integrate to any system that will allow it.

All of this means that we can help you to leverage the investments your institution has already made, gain new, leading edge capabilities and establish a unified approach to servicing, selling and, ultimately, building customer loyalty. And we're as flexible as our solutions. You can implement a complete suite or set of KIVA software, or select the individual modules that meet your institution's specific functionality and budget requirements.