Respect™ Ecosystem

Our Integration Ecosystem product roadmap, which began as a solution to meet our own CRM needs for unifying a wide range of data sources and business apps for Banks and Credit Unions, is now available to authorized KIVA Business Partners.  We currently have eleven pre-built integrations to North American Core Systems and two for international Core offerings.  What's more, we have several dozen integrations to non-Core (i.e.: "third-party") systems, such as channel applications, lending systems, mobile offerings, payment and fraud solutions, etc. from a wide variety of financial application providers.  We have even deployed such "third-party" technology from some of our Business Partners combined with elements of our CRM and/or Call Center technology to facilitate a broader solution for our financial institution clients.

Today, we provide our technology and our prebuilt integrations to our Business Partners.  By integrating with the Partner's application to our RespectTM Enterprise Service Bus, that application is immediately integrated with all of the Cores and other apps in our Portfolio.  To achive full End-user Client integration now takes a data mapping exercise of just a few days (e.g., 2 to 3) versus a custom point-to-point app integration of 2 months or more.

Go farther faster and ride the wave of change with KIVA.  Contact Tina Baker, Director of Business Partner Development, at or by calling +1-603-641-5482, ext. 2002 to learn more.