"With KIVA’s unified Teller solution we are able to speed daily transaction processing, provide more responsive and personalized service and deepen our member relationships."

Cindy Moran, Vice President Member Service, Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU)

"KIVA possesses good system and operational knowledge in the teller domain and its team is well organized in managing projects. As a matter of fact, they delivered ahead of the timelines for both of our projects at OCBC—a CT migration and CT TAU integration. The team is also always very responsive to our inquiries and quick about resolving problems."

Chan Yoon Sang, Technology Solutions, CRM & Channels, OCBC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"With KIVA’s call center solution we’ve virtually eliminated manual processes and improved operational efficiency, but the technology’s real value lies in giving us the ability to track and monitor everything, from customer call trends to our agents’ productivity."

Vice President of an independent, full-service community bank in New York State

"Enabled by KIVA’s Respect unified Teller solution, our QuickConnect desktop with integrated KIVA Wrapper dashboard has transformed the role of tellers, empowering them as the front line in our sales and service strategy. The dashboard has given our tellers unprecedented real-time access to the key information (i.e. member profiles, sales, service and personal messages and sales referrals) they need to maximize “face-time” with members. QuickConnect has transformed the way tellers interact with our members, giving them the ability to immediately answer up to 80% of the questions they receive in a typical day. Inquiries that they can’t address are effortlessly routed to member service representatives or other appropriate staff for follow-up and resolution."

Starlene Ashley, Assistant Vice President, Member Service, Security Service Federal Credit Union