Respect™ Integration Solutions

Digital transformation continues to sweep through the financial services industry bringing forward more and more advanced banking solution sets.  As transformation inevitably advances, so does the need for integration technology and services to keep up with the demand for data to support customer insights and to take advantage of all the promised benefits and competitive advantages.

Since our founding in 1995, KIVA Group has provided integration services on a global basis.  In 2011, we launched the foundation of a web services integration solution when we brought to market our Enterprise Service Bus.  Since that time, we have expanded our offering which is now a complete, production-proven Integration Ecosystem that includes:

  • Our RespectTM, Enterprise Service Bus ("RSB"),
  • Numerous microservices based on open source solutions,
  • A robust portfolio of prebuilt fintech integrations including major Cores, and
  • Professional Integration Consulting and Technical Services.


The RespectTM Integration Ecosystem


RespectTM Enterprise Service Bus - RSB

The KIVA RespectTM, Service Bus bridges the communication gaps between all of the different systems that support each of your interaction channels.  The bus enables your organization to set business rules that move and exchange data real-time in a standard XML message format throughout the institution's infrastructure.  As a result, RSB essentially "wires" your disparate systems together through a content-based routing approach.  It gives you the ability to manage and change business processes outside of the integration layer - eliminating the need for software programming.


Prebuilt Integration Portfolio

The KIVA concept that we embarked on in 2011 was to prebuild dozens (and, eventually, hundreds) of integrations to widely used fintech applications.  By utilizing prebuilt integrations, our Clients benefit because we help them reduce the effort, time, and costs of integration by as much as 70% to 90% and, in some cases, even more.  This means a Core integration that might take two or more months can be reduced to just three or four days by utilizing our Ecosystem offerings.


Professional Integration Consulting and Technical Services

  • Architecture Consulting
  • Design Services
  • Programming Services



Before RespectTM Integration Ecosystem

After RespectTM Integration Ecosystem