Respect™ Telebanking IVR

An Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) can be your institution’s most cost-effective means of providing customers with access to information and 24/7 transaction services. However, when poorly configured, an IVR can create frustration that we can all identify with. The problem is that typical IVR systems don't allow institutions to easily personalize and change the flow of interactions because they can't truly manage the customer or member experience.

Take back control of your IVR!

KIVA RespectTM Telebanking IVR provides all of the functionality you’ve come to expect from a telephone banking system with near total flexibility in the “personality” that you present to your customers – from custom voices that reflect your local market, to personalized menus for each customer in the language of their choice. By providing the option to “opt-out” to live agents at any time with all IVR details being “popped” to the agent, you are in control of the customer experience.  Since RespectTM is software-based, you can add automated agents quickly and easily to meet call volumes and eliminate wait times.

The solution provides the following customer service and administrative functions:

  • Custom Voice and Multi-language Selections
  • Voice Menus and Touch Tone Phone Controls
  • Text-to-speech and Automated Speech Recognition
  • Personalization Rules Engine
  • Unified Customer Contact Database
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Alerts and Escalation Notices
  • Supports More than 90 Financial Transactions
    and Any Custom Requirements