Respect™ unified Sales & Service Management

It’s widely recognized that personalized service is the door opener for a successful sales effort and the key to maintaining longstanding customer relationships. Yet by their very nature, many financial institutions’ technology infrastructures and disparate business processes present barriers to delivering a consistent, personalized experience across the enterprise. As often implemented, they unintentionally hinder the integration of sales and marketing activities. This is where we come in...

The KIVA RespectTM unified Sales & Service Management (uSSM) software unifies technology, processes and applications to help your institution establish a single, uniform approach to sales, service and relationship management. Our solution gives you – in one unified desktop – a comprehensive view of each customer and prospect; not just demographics and/or what accounts they hold today, but also interaction history, sales and referral history and much more. KIVA’s software brings this unified customer information to every interaction so that you can respond quickly, provide personalized service and make every experience customers have with your institution exceptional.

At the same time, our software equips your financial institution to sell and market to customers within the flow of service—not as an add-on event. You gain the ability to identify new opportunities, deliver highly relevant sales and marketing messages, execute and track marketing campaigns in real-time and capture sales in a consistent manner across all channels.