unified Video Interactions

Personalizing interactions with members is increasingly challenging in an omni-channel, self-service world. Video conferencing provides a means of establishing a face for the organization, and in combination with KIVA Group’s unified Sales & Service technology, provides a personal and relevant means of addressing the member’s needs and interests. KIVA Group has partnered with CONXIO to bring a unified approach to the deployment of video technology integrated with our member interaction management solutions.

Our Video supported offerings include Tablet KIOSK applications and PC Desktop solutions providing a broad set of functions for service delivery, sales support and relationship development. Being able to offer the personalized support of a “live” person with relevant skills and knowledge, adds a whole new dimension to self-service channels and branch transformation initiatives. 

Blended queues enable a higher level of staff utilization with NO DEDICATED AGENTS required. Management is able to create dashboards with real-time oversight of people, KIOSKs, product activities, and service events including member complaints. In addition to real-time dashboards, reports can be created and distributed as needed. With full calendaring, automated alerts, ticklers, escalations and more, managing the outcome of a session is assured.

Our current solution scenarios include:

Lobby Kiosk- meet & greet functions for members and non-members offering a variety of information, self-service transactions, appointments with routing, and activity tracking.

Private Consultations- provide a video session within a private setting to enable access to expertise that may not be present at any given office.

Video Teller- provides video support to a self-service teller kiosk. Video support is provided for very inexpensive tablet based non-cash service and transaction terminals as well as support for tablet terminals that can be integrated with the teller queue or an MSR for cash handling through cash dispenser terminals.